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WOMAS - Best fans in the country

The family company founded in 1980


Produced in our company, industrial centrifugal fans are used in various industries. The main group of their customers are manufacturers of all kinds of systems paint, dust collection and pneumatic conveying. A significant part of our production is also carried fans to blow air into the boiler or the production halls and public buildings, as well as to extract the air from the premises, as typical components of ventilation systems.


We offer centrifugal fans with a group of medium-WPRM1 and WPRM2 and high WPRH1 and WPRH2, in versions with direct drive belt and clutch, as well as in the implementation of double-sided suction. Both the fan rotors and the whole structure can be made of normal quality steel, stainless steel or aluminum, and on request – grade steel proposed by the client. For the sake of durability and smooth and trouble-free operation, rotors all of our fans are dynamically balanced at the required accuracy class.


To ensure that lower the cost of the fan, we can also offer our customers the fans undeveloped type RE7, allowing the execution of building on their own and, depending on your needs.

Centrifugal fans are characterized by the possibility of obtaining both high performance and the largest among all types of fans increases the pressure at the same time high efficiencies.

A separate group of centrifugal fans in our range are centrifugal fans drum – drum rotor, allowing to obtain a wide range of performance with smaller dimensions than their traditional counterparts, but at the cost of slightly lower efficiency and the impossibility of obtaining high pressure increments.