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WOMAS - Best fans in the country

The family company founded in 1980


Industrial fans are special products based on the standard combinations of radial and axial fans. The main group of special fans are fans in the Ex version, performed in compliance with explosion protection standard for the fans. Ex fans are designed for transporting explosive mixtures of combustible gases and vapors in air from the zone Z1 and Z2 zones capable of explosion. Thanks to a rigorous follow prescribed standards and extensive experience in the design and manufacture of explosion-proof fans, we offer a safe product that meets the conditions of explosion group IIA and IIB and temperature class T1 to T4. If the fan does not work in the environment of an explosive atmosphere, but circulate gases or flammable vapor – create a gas-tight explosion-proof version.


The most common group of special fans normally used for example in the timber industry are fans of transport, carried out on the basis of centrifugal fans. They are designed for pumping air containing different types of particles, such as chips or dust or other, even very hard items. Reinforced casing and impeller, made ​​further if necessary with high-quality steel, allow for long and trouble-free operation.


Another group of special fans, both axial and radial fans are designed to work at high temperatures. Among distinguished axial fans for the fans made ​​of drying wood applicable at temperatures up to 100 ° C, and may be painted with such a temperature-resistant paint or made ​​of materials that do not require painting. For the purposes of various types of boiler, incinerators, steel mills and foundries to pump and exhaust lift, where temperatures can exceed several times 100 ° C, we adapted – even to such harsh working conditions – radial fans version of the drive clutch.