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WOMAS – Industrial Fans, Roof, Axial, Radial | Oborniki Wlkp.
WOMAS - Best fans in the country

The family company founded in 1980

About us

The mission of our company

For over 20 yearswe operateon the marketof industrial fans, being a partner oflarge and smallcompanies in variousindustries.

Using the knowledgeand experience, ouroffer is addressedto a wide rangeof allof these companies, whichat heartis not justa matter ofcost savingsand quality of work, but thisKzE environmental protection andecology.

We wanttomakeour productsclearlybe associatedonlywith thevalues​​of modern Europe. Nearlya quarter centuryof action isalsoconstantlyimprovingtechnologyand the search fornew solutions.

WOMAS” stands outfrom other companiesalsothatup tofocusattention onspecific featuresandcustomizationneedsof itsorders.Our mottois to provide agoodproductat a competitive price, while providing courteousand professional service.

We hopethat thecomfortthey give tofansof the company “WOMAS”, contributes toimproved economic performanceof our customersin thissense, ourslogan: “we give you high speed” is fully justified.

Thisspecificproduction profilecomprehensive performancefans forrefrigeration, air conditioningand ventilation systems.

This is the highest
qualityproductfullproduction facilities, highly skilled teamof professionalsguarantees theperformance ofdeviceswhile maintainingglobal standards.

professional servicethroughmany years of experienceto reactquickly and efficiently, ensuring that allcustomers withcost-effectiveand optimal solutionstailored to individual needs.