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The family company founded in 1980


Industrial axial fans of our company have many applications. This is dependent on the type of fan, the materials used and the profile of the rotor blades. Axial fans are characterized by the possibility of obtaining a wide range of performance from very small – used for example in ventilation, to very large – such as are required For example, in cooling towers. At the same time, however, axial fan design does not allow achieving such high growth pressure as in the case of centrifugal fans. The undeniable advantage is, however, the axial movement of the conveyed medium, which allows easy mounting axial fan as part of the channel in which it has operated without changing the flow direction.


The first group consists of duct fans series WOD and CMO – performed in its entirety as steel or aluminum. These are proven and robust welded structures with good flow characteristics, mainly used in ventilation systems. Various performance building these fans allow their use as part of suction or embossing on the ends of pipes or channels between each of their sections.


On request, the fans WO equip the rotors reversible, allowing them to work in two directions. The development offers duct fans are fans and Wodd water the paddle type on – from glass reinforced polyester or vinyl, with high efficiency and low emissions, noise, and the possibility of building as fans WOD and CMO.

Another group of axial fans are fans WOC – mainly used for industrial air coolers for small, medium and very large capacities. Carefully selected profile type Ns rotor blades , made ​​of lightweight and durable laminates , allows us to offer a product with high efficiency , often far exceeding the level achieved by the competition. Construction of building a fan CCA can be made either horizontal or vertical , in both cases as standing or suspended , or suction feed pump and direct drive or belt . The third group of fans are fans WOCP – designed for cooling towers , blades of laminates with high-performance profile of the type of example WOCP fans are made horizontally , usually drive shaft carried by the composite bezpodporowy and belt drive . To ensure that lower the cost of the fan , we also offer our customers the performance of the rotor , where it is necessary to replace the already operated fan.